Cool Shades

Finally its here! A stylish solution for our great Aussie climate. Upgrade your car with a premium Cool Shades window tint film and experience the ultimate in solar protection using advanced infrared heat blocking technology. The ability to reject up to 60% of total solar energy and block out over 99% of ultraviolet light means superior protection and enhanced driving comfort in the Brisbane heat. Thanks to Cool Shades darkest legal window tints, you can be assured maximum protection. Not only does Cool shades have a dark and stylish color tone, you will be glad to know the solar protection experience will last a lifetime.

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  • darkest legal shade 35%
  • superior heat protection
  • blocks over 99% UV rays
  • slick color tone
  • value for money
  • limited lifetime warranty
  • from $395
How much UV protection will I get?
With Cool Shades window tint you can expect 99.9% UV protection
Will my window film bubble, peel or turn purple?
No. Your window film carries a lifetime guarantee. Expert installation by our certified installers will reduce the chances of your window film bubbling, peeling or turning purple. In the unlikely event that this happens after our installation, we will replace your window film at no charge to you in a timely manner.
What Do I Need To Know After My Car Has Been Tinted?
You must leave your windows up for 48 hours. You may notice a streaky effect and even what looks like bubbles in the windows. This is quite normal as there is still water between the glass and the film that needs to dry out before it cures totally. Curing will usually occur within 2 days but in cooler weather it can take up to a week. Clean the film with a soft cloth and do not use Windex or any other ammonia based products.
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