Theft, vandalism or shattered glass can be a terrifying experience. Let us help you relax and give you peace of mind with Guardian safety and security tint. Your cars valuables, and passengers will be assured maximum glass security combined with solar protection and enhanced appearance. You will be glad to know that Guardian offers the strongest warranties in the business and is several times thicker than standard window film. Ensure yourself a level of safety, interior comfort and even stylish tones that comes only with the Guardian security experience - Guaranteed!

  • prevent the risk of personal injury and property damage
  • double reinforced to hold shattered glass
  • several times thicker than standard film
  • strongest warranties in the business
  • available clear or tinted
  • peace of mind
  • from $495
Will my window film bubble, peel or turn purple?
No. Your window film carries a lifetime guarantee. Expert installation by our certified installers will reduce the chances of your window film bubbling, peeling or turning purple. In the unlikely event that this happens after our installation, we will replace your window film at no charge to you in a timely manner.
What Do I Need To Know After My Car Has Been Tinted?
You must leave your windows up for 48 hours. You may notice a streaky effect and even what looks like bubbles in the windows. This is quite normal as there is still water between the glass and the film that needs to dry out before it cures totally. Curing will usually occur within 2 days but in cooler weather it can take up to a week. Clean the film with a soft cloth and do not use Windex or any other ammonia based products.
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