Night Rider

TintGard proudly introduces Night Rider a World Class window tint catered for Aussie drivers. Night Rider offers a stylish appearance and a new dimension in solar protection for enhanced driving comfort. The Night Rider driving experience is a result of the tint’s ability to block up to 58% of total solar energy and more than 99% of ultraviolet light. This ensures optimum heat control and solar protection like no other. Night Rider offers an extensive range of shades including the darkest legal window tint on the market with only 4% visual light transmittance. Whether it be a family vehicle or your personal ride, we have a shade to suit. In addition, you will be glad to know that Night Rider features industry leading film clarity for unaltered visibility and safe driving.

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  • Outstanding solar performance
  • 99% UV protection
  • Unprecedented film clarity
  • Great color stability
  • Exceptionally fast dry-out times
  • Available in 3 shade levels to suit
  • Added visual value
  • 10 year warranty
  • from $395
Is window film expensive?
No, the average installation costs less than most other window treatments. In fact, your window film will return your investment quickly through reduced utility costs and increased longevity of your interior furnishings.
How Do Safety and Security Window Films Work?
Security Window Films are designed to make glass shatter-resistant by holding the glass pieces together when broken. Different from standard window film, Security Window Films are made with thicker polyester and a much thicker, more aggressive adhesive system
How Long Does Window Film Last?
Window Films are made durable to last for many years; just how long may depend upon the type of film applied, type of glass it is applied to, and the particular climate in which it is applied. Most applications last upwards of 10 years and beyond, and several applications are still performing after 15 years. All applications have a minimum warranty period of five years (except exterior applications which are 2 years), and several films carry a 10 year commercial warranty, and even a lifetime residential warranty (lifetime for as long as original purchaser owns their home).
Will my window film bubble, peel or turn purple?
No. Your window film carries a lifetime guarantee. Expert installation by our certified installers will reduce the chances of your window film bubbling, peeling or turning purple. In the unlikely event that this happens after our installation, we will replace your window film at no charge to you in a timely manner.
Will window film reduce my utility bill?
The more windows there are in your home or building, the greater the benefits of installing window tinting. That is because window film does much more than simply control heat gain or loss; it also improves the safety, security, energy efficiency, and appearance of your building - all at a fraction of the cost of installing special glass. Unlike drapes and blinds, window film rejects up to 81% of the heat that would otherwise come through the window. That can translate into a savings of about one ton of air conditioning for every 9 square meters of glass exposed to sunlight. Window Tinting block out 98% - 99.9% of UV light, thus protecting you from the sun's harmful rays and significantly reducing fabric and furniture fade. They also reduce glare to improve your indoor visibility, especially with respect to computer monitors and televisions.
Does security film prevent the glass from breaking?
No. Security film does an excellent job at holding broken glass together but it cannot prevent the window from breaking if it comes in contact with severe force (e.g. hurricane, baseball bat blow).
Do you install window film on the inside or outside of the glass?
Window Film is typically installed on the interior side of a window. As it is a finished product, is best installed after all other nearby construction is complete. If access to the interior side of the window is difficult to obtain, an exterior application can be performed.
What is the procedure to install window film?
The individual installation steps, assuming a typical interior application, are as follows: Prepare window area by moving nearby furniture and ensuring fair and reasonable access to the glass. Thoroughly clean interior side of glass pane and gaskets with a mild solution of dishwashing detergent and water to remove dirt and other residue. Wet glass with solution. Place film against glass. Squeegee to remove excess solution between glass and film. Trim film to gasket (rubber or timber glazing bead). Re-squeegee film edges to ensure film lies flat. Wipe film to ensure clean finished product. Replace furniture to original positions
How do I clean the filmed surface after installation?
Window films may be washed with common washing solutions (no ammonia-based products) thirty days after installation. Abrasive cleaning agents and bristle brushes which would scratch the film can not be used. Synthetic sponges, squeegees, or soft cloths are recommended in addition to the cleaning solution. To maintain your warranty, do not use tape or other adhesive products on the film.
What Do I Need To Know After My Car Has Been Tinted?
You must leave your windows up for 48 hours. You may notice a streaky effect and even what looks like bubbles in the windows. This is quite normal as there is still water between the glass and the film that needs to dry out before it cures totally. Curing will usually occur within 2 days but in cooler weather it can take up to a week. Clean the film with a soft cloth and do not use Windex or any other ammonia based products.
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